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Global Industrial Salt Market 2021-2028

Industrial salts are manufactured by the use of natural resources such as rock salt deposits or natural brine such as sea water and salty lakes. These are produced by conventional mining, vacuum evaporation or solar evaporation processes. Industrial salts are used in the chemical processing, de-icing, water treatment, oil & gas, agriculture among others owing to their availability in large quantities and cost-effectiveness.

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Global Phenolic Panel Market 2021-2028

Phenolic panels, also known as compact phenolic panels or phenolic boards, are composed of core made with resins and cellulose fibers to produce a unique composite building material with distinct properties and advantages. Different materials are used for finishing over this compact core, which includes laminates and wood panels. The phenolic panel market has witnessed a significant growth owing to the superior fire-resistant properties. The phenolic panel industry is growing due to the rise in the demand from construction, aerospace & defense, and transportation industries.

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Global Piling Machine Market 2021-2028

Pre-insulated pipes are layered pipes, which consist of a carrier pipe, insulation layer, and outer casing/jacketing. These layers are made using different raw materials, which depend on the end-use industry for which these pipes are required. Traditionally, pre-insulated pipes are used to enable energy conservation by preventing energy loss to the environment, which boosts cost savings. Energy loss is prevented by using effective insulation materials and providing appropriate jacketing to the carrier pipe. The most common end-use industries of pre-insulated pipes are district heating & cooling, oil & gas, infrastructure & utility, food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical, water treatment, and wineries.

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Global Platelet Aggregation Devices Market 2021-2028

Platelet aggregation is a process where human platelet cells are involved in hemostasis, bleeding to repair, and vessel constriction. It plays a crucial role in inflammation and other pathological situations. Platelet aggregation test involves venipuncture in an anti-coagulant medium. This is followed by centrifugation to produce plasma which is rich in platelets, where aggregometer are used to study the platelet aggregation.

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