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Global Sepsis Diagnostics Market 2021-2028

Sepsis is a severe medical condition caused by the overwhelming immune response to an infection. Recent studies have shown an increasing prevalence of this life-threatening disease across the globe. According to the data published by WHO, sepsis affects more than 30 million people globally and leads to around 6 million deaths every year. The same source states that globally, around 3 million newborns, and 1.2 million children suffer from this condition every year. Such high prevalence is anticipated to increase the demand for diagnostic solutions and drive market growth over the forecast period.

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Global Pre-Insulated Pipes Market 2021-2028

Pre-insulated pipes are layered pipes, which consist of a carrier pipe, insulation layer, and outer casing/jacketing. These layers are made using different raw materials, which depend on the end-use industry for which these pipes are required. Traditionally, pre-insulated pipes are used to enable energy conservation by preventing energy loss to the environment, which boosts cost savings. Energy loss is prevented by using effective insulation materials and providing appropriate jacketing to the carrier pipe. The most common end-use industries of pre-insulated pipes are district heating & cooling, oil & gas, infrastructure & utility, food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical, water treatment, and wineries.

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Global Modular Construction Market 2021-2028

For decades, construction has lagged behind other sectors in productivity. Modular construction offers the industry an opportunity to make a step change: shifting many aspects of building activity away from traditional construction sites and into factories with off-site, manufacturing-style production.

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Global Construction & Heavy Equipment Telematics Market 2021-2028

Increase in demand for telematics solutions in off-highway equipment and government mandates on safety and security of off-highway equipment are the driving factors that are expected to boost the construction and heavy equipment telematics market.

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