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Global Concrete Spraying Equipment Market, 2022-2030

Rapid developments in technology and raw materials, economic and technical efficiency of shotcrete, increase in underground constructions activities such as mining and tunneling are the key drivers for the growing concrete spraying equipment demand.

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Global Galvanometer Scanner Market, 2022-2030

Galvanometer scanners are found wherever laser beams are steered: materials processing, laser light shows, manufacturing, packaging, cutting, marking, welding, and numerous other applications. The market has seen some significant developments in the past years.

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Global Harvesting Head Market, 2022-2030

A harvester head consists of a hydraulically powered chain saw that cuts trees and their bases to cross-cut them into log length. De-limbing knives are employed to remove braches of trees. Feed rollers play an important role in grasping of trees. Diameter sensors and length-measuring wheels are used to measure dimensions and calculate the volume of harvested logs. The head is highly applicable to versatile use, ranging from thinning sites with small trees to regeneration felling.

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Global Carbon Composite Hydrogen Tanks Market, 2022-2030

Hydrogen can be physically stored in gaseous form or liquid form. In gaseous form, hydrogen is stored in high-pressure tanks under 350-700 bar of working pressure. Carbon composite hydrogen tanks include type III and Type IV tanks, made by using carbon fiber. Type III tank has a metal liner (aluminum or steel) with a full-composite overwrap, whereas Type IV is a complete carbon fiber made tank having an inner liner made of polyamide or polyethylene plastic.

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